The election of President Obama sparked elation and hope for all of us. In spite of unprecedented opposition, the President has accomplished much. Unfortunately in Alabama that hope is shadowed with despair. Our Democratic Party is in serious trouble. Backlash toward the President, based on lies, fears, and resurrected prejudices, elected a super-majority of Republican legislators.

Because we have been unable to elect Democrats to the executive and judicial branches of state government, we have no way to check this legislature. Even faced with impending collapse of all state services, Republican “reverse Robin Hood” tactics are in high gear, and Democrats are powerless to stop legislation intended to disenfranchise Democratic voters, hurt those most in need, and further line the pockets of the most affluent.

With Democrats stifled in the legislature, our Party has been rendered politically mute and irrelevant in State politics. We have absolutely no voice in the business of governing Alabama. Our inability to field and support candidates, silence in the face of oppressive legislation, and internal struggles that prevent a full and representative SDEC, present a public impression of a dying party. Operating with a unilateral political system, our state is returning to the days of injustice, intolerance and inequality Democrats have fought so hard against. For any chance to halt this downward spiral, it is imperative Democrats come together as one and emerge as a viable political force in Alabama again. The party, through the SDEC, must have leadership dedicated to accomplishing that goal.

Because we are concerned for the current condition and direction of the Party and for our future in Alabama, progressive loyal Democrats from throughout the state have organized the ALABAMA DEMOCRATIC REFORM CAUCUS (ADRC) in an effort to restore political balance in the State and resume our role as advocate for all the people. The ADRC is open to all Democrats who subscribe to our mission:

To unify and restore the Alabama Democratic Party
to a position of respect and strength
in order to successfully elect Democrats to office
and to promote the true Democratic values of fairness,
integrity, inclusion and transparency within the party.

 We believe there is hope for a new beginning in the acknowledgement of these issues and a shared determination to move forward. As a beginning step, several amendments to the bylaws of the State Democratic Party have been proposed by SDEC members for presentation to the Committee at its next meeting. A brief summary of the amendments is included. We ask that you carefully consider these amendments and cast your vote to improve our Party.

New Statewide Democratic Caucus Announced

(July 2015)

With plans to continually work to restore the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) to a position of respect and strength, the Alabama Democratic Reform Caucus (ADRC) will announce its formation at an Open House preceding the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) Meeting on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 in Montgomery.

As Chair of the Caucus and the Calhoun County Democrats , Sheila Gilbert stated, “2014 was a terrible election year for Democrats. We need to begin NOW rebuilding and rebranding the ADP as the party that speaks for all citizens of our great state. We are offering a blueprint to strengthen and move our Party forward. We sincerely hope you’ll join us.”

The ADRC’s first order of business is proposed changes to the current Party bylaws:

  • Include County Chairs, who locally do much of the Party’s work, on the SDEC.
  • Increase Diversity by providing a voice for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion in delegate selection and all party affairs.
  • Require quarterly meetings that include minutes, a financial report and filling vacancies on the State Board.

Rafael Braithwaite, a member of the SDEC and the ADRC said, “This is about the BIG “R” word - not race - but Reform. We want to reintroduce people to the strengths inherent in the Democratic Party; how all citizens will benefit from strong Democratic leadership that adheres to our principles of fair wages for a good day’s work, quality public education and affordable healthcare. We have different priorities than the Republicans. We put people first.”

It is difficult to see what is “super” about the Republican supermajority. The ADRC seeks to restore political balance in our state returning the Democratic Party to its role as an effective and influential advocate for all. Membership in the ADRC is only $35 for one year. Read more about joining, or please mail your check to ADRC P.O. Box 1296 Jacksonville, AL 36265.